Valhalla Boardwalk

This temporary boardwalk was designed and built for the Pleinvrees Deephouse Stage at Valhalla Festival, an indoor dance event for 18.000 visitors in Amsterdam’s RAI Convention Center. Its design offers an alternative spatial organization compared to ordinary dance events: Here, the audience can actually enter the stage and dance behind the DJ booth. Performer and audience both experience a new and unique view of the dancing crowd.

Intimacy is hard to find in this large convention center. By simply framing the dance floor with a wooden boulevard, the crowd feels pleasantly enclosed. This boardwalk runs around the main area like a promenade and continues behind the DJ. It provides places to sit under faintly glowing streetlights while enjoying the party.

A raw and warm appearance was achieved with low-tech construction methods and limited resources. A close collaboration with the production team of The Good Guyz resulted in a maximum effect with basic lighting, a theater canvas, 300 pallets and a dozen streetlights.


Location: RAI, Amsterdam (NL)
Program: installation, set-up music event, 1700 m2
Client: ID&T
Year: 2012
Collaborators: PleinvreesThe Good Guyz