Bungalow E Hoogeloon

There’s no place like home. Actually there is, but our house is so tied up with daily life, our sense of security, dreams and secrets – that it is nearly impossible to detach ‘home’ from who we are.
The challenge when designing your own house, starts with defining how to share living space as a family. We choose a single, meandering space around a private block. The fully indoor bedrooms are grouped around a small patio. Another theme is open versus closed walls.

The visual roof package behind the tall glass panes refer to the fascia of adjacent bungalows from the 1960′s. Aside from the self contracting, the project was about experimenting with cross over techniques en materials. The floors e.g. were adopted from the piggery industry.



Location: Hoogeloon (NL)

Program: 250 m2 house / office

Client: private

Year: 2010