Piushaven Pavilion

15 January 2016

Brabant Dagblad features our design for a pavilion in the Piushaven Tilburg. Commissioned by Orion Projectontwikkeling, it will house a restaurant with views over the harbor.

The former industrial Piushaven is rapidly changing into an attractive residential area. Located at the historic middenpier – the loading dock – this pavilion will become the focal point of new developments to come. Atelier Quadrat’s urban design offers numerous elements enhancing the public space and the nautical qualities. Our pavilion contributes by  framing the beautiful views and adding a new experience: the roof will be accessible to the public, creating a platform overlooking the harbor and its ships from a new perspective.

We will develop the design over the next months. The opening is planned for 2017. Interested in opening your restaurant at one of the most breathtaking locations in Tilburg? Contact Orion at info@orionprojectontwikkeling.nl.

Read the article here

The Cloud Collective presents artist impressions of 'The Library of the Future'

07 May 2015

In a joint project of the library of Deventer and Kunstenlab (Artlab) a total of six architects and artists have been asked to investigate the future of the library. Daniël Venneman of The Cloud Collective was one of them.

Ofcourse very different personal ideas can exist about how the ideal space looks which allows people to absorb information and stories and to share them, through books, other media or by encounter. To gain a grip on these ideas Daniel’s project focuses on the fantasies of three current users of the current library. Translating their ideal reading spaces of the future to it’s most compact form.

The exhibition was opened through a well-attended public roundtable discussion, in which the artists and architects exchanged views with Alice van Diepen – library director – and Janneke Bierman – the architect who will build the new library. The results are still visible on Saturday, 9, 16, 23 and 30 May in the exhibition Stromarkt 19 Deventer, in ‘Library of Curiosity’.


  • www.obdeventer.nl
  • www.kunstenlab.nl
  • www.daansdesignworkplace.nl

Check out the video

Shanghai workshop

01 April 2015

The Cloud Collective just got back from Shanghai where we participated together with the landscape architects of LINT in the workshop “Re-appropriating the Expo 2010 site and creating urban quality with passages”. During one week, we worked on adapting the masterplan of the former World Expo site with the goal of connecting it to its natural and built environment. This resulted in our project ‘Shanghai Greenways’, which replaces planned roads by a network of passages and pathways for slow traffic while at the same time establishing a new green structure between the planned buildings, regulating water management and contributing to a healthy environment. Many thanks to l’Institut pour la ville en mouvement and Tongji University for having us. Detailed information on our project will follow soon.

Tilburg Public Library

11 March 2015

Together with Braaksma & Roos Architecten and Inside-Outside, we have been selected to design the new Public Library for the city of Tilburg. The monumental main halls of the former Dutch Railway Workshops will be adapted to house several organizations for knowledge, culture, arts, heritage and entrepreneurship. Together these users will shape an exciting public place where knowledge is exchanged ánd created. Our team is looking forward to start working on the design process in collaboration with the future residents of these impressive halls. Read more.. (in Dutch)
In samenwerking met Braaksma & Roos Architecten en Inside-Outside zijn wij geselecteerd voor het ontwerp van de nieuwe openbare bibliotheek in Tilburg. De oude locomotiefloodsen van de voormalige NS-werkplaatsen worden getransformeerd om verschillende organisaties voor kennis, kunst, cultuur, erfgoed en ondernemerschap te huisvesten. De monumentale hallen worden een uitdagende publieke ruimte voor de uitwisseling en ontwikkeling van kennis. Ons team ziet er naar uit om in intensieve samenwerking met de toekomstige gebruikers te starten met het ontwerp. Lees meer..

The future of regional education

16 February 2015

The Cloud Collective has been selected by the Fund Creative Industries to investigate future developments for the MBO (intermediate vocational) education. Together with VenhoevenCS we’ll look into possibilities of reconnecting these ofter large-scale educational institutions to their closer environment. How can they function within a local economy and offer a region-based eduction for their students? And what kind of buildings does this require? We look forward to discovering architecture’s contribution to improving our educational system. 

This Open Call for Education Environment is part of a program commissioned by the Ministry of Education, aimed at improving the quality of the educational environment.


"Play wilderness" in A10 magazine

19 January 2015

Our design for an outdoor activity center in Oisterwijk (NL) has been featured in the latest issue of A10 magazine for New European Architecture. Author Kirsten Hannema mentions how both building and landscape design form “playing fields in which the users themselves can explore and try out different possibilities.” In stores now!

Best Wishes

20 December 2014

The Cloud Collective wishes you:

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
God Jul och God Nytt år!
Prettige kerstdagen en een gelukkig nieuwjaar!

New internship positions

10 November 2014

We are looking for enthusiastic interns for our office in Amsterdam. TCC offers internships for students in the field of architecture, urban planning and architectural engineering. Interns will take part in architectural and/or urban projects in different stages of the design process. The scope of work will be researching different design alternatives, 3d modeling/rendering, and the production of presentation drawings and/or images. Only those who are currently in school or university can apply for an internship.

Our Firm
The Cloud Collective is a network organization, an interdisciplinary design atelier for architecture, urban planning, research, installations, education and theory. We believe that the best results come from collaborations. We work in different teams and we expect each team member to be both assertive and flexible to achieve the best possible result. You will be assisting one of our principal architects with the projects he is involved with.

We work with the following software, so good skills, experience and knowledge in any of these programs is important in your application: Adobe CS, Autocad, 3DS Max and Sketchup. Advanced skills in either photoshop, 3d rendering or scale model building are preferable. For non dutch students applying for the internship position, a level of English language ability of high or native speaking is required.

We offer an internship for a for a duration of at least 3 months as of December. The fee will be between 300 and 500 euros/month, to be decided in dialogue, based on experience and/or scholarships.

To apply for an internship, please send your application with motivation, CV and portfolio of max 5 MB to Gert Kwekkeboom (gert@thecloudcollective.org).

Moving to new offices

26 September 2014

Both in Amsterdam and in Paris we’ve moved into new offices. You can now find us on the Prinsengracht in the historical canal district and on the Rue Pache in the 11th arrondissement.

Mosque Amsterdam completed

20 July 2014

The new mosque facade and entrance square in Amsterdam-West has just been completed by the contractor. Two new entrance areas are added to the formerly anonymous building in the Kolenkit neighbourhood. The new facades mark the entrances of the building on the large surrounding square and partly enclose intimate forecourts with its detailed brickwork.

Design Outdoor Accommodation

20 July 2014

We’ve just finished the final design for a new multifunctional Outdoor Accommodation in a sports park, situated in the stream valley of the regional landscape of Moerenburg, Tilburg. The accommodation will be used by a Scouting organization, an organization for education on the environment and it is equiped as a primitive hotel to organize summer camps for schools and sports organizations. A new rough terrain infrastructure of sloped concrete surfaces is designed in collaboration with Pieter Theuws Landscape Architect. This terrain offers a diverse soil to play, explore, learn and improvise temporary constructions. The building offers a large canopy for outdoor activities during rainy days and has a high multifunctional space in the core of the building. See the project on the website to find more info.

Presentation Value Lab

08 July 2014

On June 24 2014, the Value Lab presented its results of a design research on public real estate in The Hague, during the International Architecture Biennale.

This project has been commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Central Government Real Estate Agency and the city of The Hague to research widespread vacancy and develop strategies to improve the social and financial returns of selling and reallocating (public) property. The Cloud Collective joined hands with Braaksma&Roos Architects, DELVA Landscape Architects, Witteveen+Bos and Alterra to established the Value Lab: an on-site laboratory for the city.


Public space former industrial Harbour Tilburg

21 June 2014

Invited by the municipality of Tilburg, we participated in a limited competition for the design tender of the Piushaven area. In collaboration with Buro Harro, we proposed a strategy to develop the grounds of the fragmented harbour area step by step. The wild urban landscape is kept intact, while  a select amount of spots along the water are marked with a set of urban furniture. This furniture is easily accesible, relates to the demographics of the surrounding neighborhoods and offers facilities for temporary and permanent activities like sports, play and water recreation.

Hermit Houses @ month of design Ljubljana

01 June 2014

The Hermit Houses were invited to give a lecture during the Month of Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In ‘How to change the rules of architecture’ we spoke about a new ways of creating architecture in the light of today’s economical and ecological challenges.

The Hermit Houses was part of a series in which selected authors of innovative concepts of Small architecture presented their projects.

Small Architecture – lectures
October 8, 2013, 16:00 and 20:00
Former printing factory of Mladinska knjiga, Dunajska cesta 123 and former Merkur Shop, Dunajska cesta 125, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Design phase Performance Factory started

20 July 2013

We’ve started the first design phase for a public space transformation at the former Polaroid Camera Factory terrain in Enschede. How to transform this space step by step from an expedition area towards a place for sports, culture and creativity?

Projections on Air

20 July 2013

The four public lectures we composed for our installation Projections in Air are now available on imeo. Though they are airy in tone, they reveil some of the thoughts and ambitions we share as a collective.

#1 – Voluntary Death (in Dutch) – “The Designer is dead, long live the design”
#2 – Radical Locality – “D.I.Y. to the max”
#3 – Transcending the Individual (in Dutch) – “On joining forces”
#4 – Manipulation of systems (in Dutch) – “Designers will be designing products with users through systems that they make”

For images of the installation, please visit the project page

Matchmaking in Istanbul

20 October 2012

The Cloud Collective was selected by BNA International to join their Matchmaking program in Istanbul last October.

Within a trade mission for the creative industries, this two-day workshop offered eight Dutch offices an opportunity to meet Turkish partner offices and potential clients. Here, we also had a change to talk about similarities differences between the works and methods of Dutch and Turkish architects. More information on the workshop can be found here:http://k2studioistanbul.wordpress.com.We have teamed up with Dome, SO? and wUrck to discuss the Küçükçekmece area. Without ever visiting the site, what can we say about this location? How would Turkish architects approach an analysis of this site, and is that any different from our methods?