Section House Oisterwijk
Mevlana Mosque Amsterdam
The city and the country: it's all fun and games until...
Poetic Morphology
Villa Village Vienna
Entrez les murs Aigle
Revitalization Business District Amstel III
Walden Bar Biesenthal
Hybrid Infrastructures
Wild piece of furniture
On cities, railroads and highways
Performance Factory Enschede
On the Open Source City
Living in an office Zoeterwoude
On Democracy in dataland
Passage and route design Tilburg
On Gray cities
On Value Lab
Harbor Park Tilburg
Harbor Studio Block Amsterdam
Public Library Tilburg
Felix Meritis Amsterdam
Piushaven Pavilion
Brainstorm Chamber B. Amsterdam
Bionic Dike Wageningen
L'expérience Caravage
Temporary Ruins - Saint Nectaire
Culture Urbaine Genève
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Welcome to
the Cloud Collective

The Cloud Collective is a collaboration of different companies that are passionate about spatial and architectural design and can pride themselves on delivering top notch results in their respective fields. We grant each other the space and time to grow individually but are eager to join forces when there is a fitting opportunity. We combine our skillset and knowledge to provide multidisciplinary answers to complex and forward thinking questions.